Must have and have not colors in 2020 !

Hi, welcome back again,
Today, we are talking about a thing which we see everywhere no matter what, COLORS !!!
The season of wearing coats and boots and sweaters is about to go where you only had all blacks or shades of blacks. Its time to look into our wardrobes again, we are here to share you some glorious color trends that awaits for us this 2020.  So before you fall back on your black on black ensembles, get inspired by the fashion colors you're going to see a lot more of in the coming year and a few that look to be on their way out.
The color for the year 2020 is 'AQUA BLUE', wait that doesn't mean Blue is everywhere or you only have to wear Blue. It is the color forecast or you can say color prediction for the year 2020. 
Other than Blue the other colors trending you should be aware of are Cerulean Blue,  Pinks, rosy pink somehow this pink color pallet is considered as the pallet for spring 2020.
The retiring colors are firstly are the neons. Don't get us wrong if we are showing a soft corner towards the other hues it's just that neons has made us tired now.
Next in the row is Pistachio and Camo print Greens, colors are always pretty no matter what the trends are its just that they need a break for a while.
Thank you tuning in 
See you again !!