All about Hemlines and Necklines !!

Hey all, Welcome back !
We are guessing that you now must be knowing about all the trendy dresses, where to find them and how to  style them. So, let's talk about it in detail.
Also, if you are wondering how this blog will help you, here is everything you will be able to figure out after reading this post .
~understand different types of hemlines
~understand different types of neckline
~ understand how to make neck n hem combos
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Mini's - Wondering how nice and sexy all the miniskirts/dresses will make you, it will be perfect if you have long beautiful legs, but make sure its the right occasion. Go for it when it's a girls night out, but if you have to meet professionals at party.. ummm... Hold on ! put your arms  down at your sides, if your hemlines falls below your fingertips .. you are safe to go ;) !
Lil'l Above the kneeThis length is the most versatile and most appropriate for almost every occasion. It works with heels or flats, day or night. "Just Perfect".
Knee Length - This hemline is perfect if  you  are tall, High heels are also a must with this hemline. But if you are short stay away ! A few inches shorter or longer hemline can help you look taller.
Tea Length - This length falls about three to four inches below the knee and has lately become a great evening alternative to the floor-sweeping gown. This is a best look left to evening or as bridesmaid dresses!  
NECKLINES, High or low ?
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V - neckline - 

 These necklines are for creating a longer, leaner and taller silhouette. It's global and is accepted worldwide. It draws attention upwards to your face and enhances the look. 

Wether you are skinny or plus size the v - neck always flatters almost every body shape. Just keep in mind the game of the cut you choose. A very high V can make a large bust look saggy, while a plunging V can be too revealing, and a wide V balances out pear shapes. 


Scoop Neckline - 

This neckline displays the collarbone beautifully and elongates a short or thick neck, but depending on its cut, different body type has different width of the scoop.   

A wide or large scooped neckline, for example, tends to flatter women with narrow shoulders since it makes the shoulders appear wider. It also fits better for smaller chests or women with athletic body types 

As for the bustier ladies or those with broad shoulders, try a smaller scoop to disguise the large bust area. While large scoop necks create curves, a low scooped neckline can also give the illusion of a longer neck and is flattering to those carrying extra fat under the chin.  

 Thanks to Isabella Wren for sharing this information.